Hi. I'm Alexander MacMillan Whiteway.


I'm a Creative Brand Strategist with deep understanding and strong willpower.


Design Thinker

My interest in the symbology of logos and typography led my to becoming certified as a Graphic Designer at School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY in 2007.

It was clear to me that that design as a language was important to learn in order to effectively communicate what was going on in my mind through utilizing elements of visual communication. Once I'd created something, It was easier to speak about it, using the visual representations as guidelines to help me remember the complex concepts I was interested in sharing.



Deep Cultural Researcher

A BFA curriculum at VCUArts was my opportunity to understand ancient civilizations and their cultures, and reference that understanding when applying creative skill to traditional and digital mediums.

I was interested in highlighting the connections between the old and the new, to create awareness of the meaning in the journey from then to now - the beginning of my strategic thinking process. 

Entrepreneur  - New Business Developments

I managed my own creative consulting business from 2012 to 2018, learning how to be flexible and understand clients needs so that I could strategize to create success for their businesses.

yoga at brandcenter.png


Since 2010, yoga became a work / life balance that has helped me develop a clearer state of awareness on my career path.

I received a Karuna 200 HR Teacher Training Certification in 2017 which enabled me to confidently lead others in the practice of mindfulness and self-compassion.


Today, attending the VCU Brandcenter gives me the opportunity to hone in on a skillset fit for a Creative Brand Strategist. Completing my first year has affirmed a greater sense of purpose of discovering and solving some of the worlds problems strategically and creatively. 

In May 2019 I will become a Master of Science in Business with a Focus in Branding.


Interested in hiring for freelance work?

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